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Kind Hearts

As students and staff, we understand that at the core of everything we do is a genuine care for our classmates, families, community and ourselves. We strive to show kindness in everything we do and say because we are in this together. We acknowledge injustice even when it doesn't affect us directly.

Curious Minds

We come to school ready to stimulate our minds, to ask questions, to explore new knowledge, to seek answers, and to challenge ourselves to get out of our comfort zones. We welcome difficult conversations, and enjoy learning as a process rather than a goal.

Working Hands

We work hard to improve ourselves and reach our academic and personal goals. We strive to grow every day and to push ourselves and help each other reach higher. We help our community in tangible ways, we protect our nature and environment, we encourage and protect our peers around the country and the world, we apply our learning to real-life projects, and we bring our own lives, interests and talents into our classroom.

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